Building Consulting

The opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and risk, and enhance the capabilities of a new or existing facility go far beyond its construction. Our Consulting Services teams offer a breadth of skills and knowledge unmatched in the industry and built upon the foundation of construction industry leadership. The result is a suite of resources that can be brought to bear in an independent consulting role or as a fully integrated element of our construction management services.

Flexible, experienced and innovative – Our Consulting Services work with you to match your needs with the optimal solution and delivery of services. Whether we become an extension of your existing staff to assist with the transition into a new building or help benchmark your energy efficiency to discover new opportunities to reduce costs, we provide targeted services and support when they are needed most.

After a comprehensive forensic investigation, we will provide you with a detailed report composed of libraries of photographical evidence, factual data, and expert analysis that will accurately diagnose and fix your building’s problems. With more than a decade of experience, we have successfully overseen a lot of construction projects without a single building envelope failure. As major water intrusion issues, construction lawsuits, and engineering defects become more prevalent, our formulated protocols provide us the expertise required to take your project from start to finish.