Building Supervision

The civil designs produced by our creative experts are very unique and useful. In order to get the best civil designs, our team conducts a wide research on the designs prevailing in the market, use their individual creative ideas, keeps a focus on the suggestions mentioned by your officials and then produce the final civil design, considered as the best always in comparison to the designs of the other companies or institutions. Flexible, experienced and innovative – Our Consulting Services work with you to match your needs with the optimal solution and delivery of services. Whether we become an extension of your existing staff to assist with the transition into a new building or help benchmark your energy efficiency to discover new opportunities to reduce costs, we provide targeted services and support when they are needed most.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Profound ability to maintain records and formulate reports
  • Skilled in proper handling and storage of hazardous materials
  • In-depth knowledge of building operations and equipments
  • Good understanding of blueprints, designs and drawings
  • Familiarity with electrical, plumbing, building materials etc
  • Immense ability to identify defects in electrical equipments
  • Excellent ability to develop effective working relationships